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Anonymous said: wheres the photo of your boy tummy?


Anonymous said: hmmm i like you :)

imagehmmm I like the mug I’m having my coffee with this morning :)

Anonymous said: Armpits


like I have shame or something

Our hotel room is like 1000 degrees but IT’S FOLSOM!!!!!!!!!!!

This waitress made the mistake of posting us at the bar in front of this mirror

Anonymous said: Why do you have "I made my bed" tattooed on your leg?

imageit’s hard to see but one leg says “I made my bed” the other says “I’ll lie in it” (in Japanese), they’re lyrics from the song Miss World by Hole.

Anonymous said: Would you ever post a picture of your dick? Or even just a tease of it?


Anonymous said: Your body is seriously goals

imagehair by vidal sassoon body by wendy’s