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Naomi Campbell: Gemini

Kylie Minogue: Gemini

Prince: Gemini

Tony Ward: Gemini

Olsen Twins: Gemini

Andre 3000: Gemini

Mel B: Gemini

Anonymous said: As a Leo is it difficult dating a Gemini ? Random question I know

I know I joke about it a lot on here but I really don’t read my horoscope or keep up with astrology that much. I can say that I’ve noticed most of the people I keep around me, (and a lot of people in my family, including my mom) are Geminis, and to some extent I know a lot of Sagittarius/Aries?

I wouldn’t say it’s difficult…I’m attracted to dynamic, adventurous people, and I have a tendency to get disinterested when anything in my life gets too routine. I’ve been told Gemini/Leo is a really good union for that reason and communication-wise it’s a stellar relationship.

Susan Miller has more insight into this than I do:


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